What Time Does Venmo Direct Deposit Hit and Why It’s Late

A direct deposit enables the payer or the employer to begin an electronic payment which is quickly deposited into the recipient’s bank account. Thousands of Venmo users are paid through direct deposits. For them, it is important to know what time does Venmo direct deposit hit.

These people do not want to keep waiting for the direct deposit to hit their accounts. When the direct deposit is initiated, you should find it in your Venmo account by 10 to 4.59 PM ET on the same day. Still, sometimes the timing can differ due to factors such as holidays or weekends. Keep reading to know the details about the timing of direct deposit hitting your account.

How Direct Deposit Works in Venmo App

A direct deposit lets you move a part or a complete paycheck into your Venmo account. This, in turn, prevents you from losing access to your check. Every person who has a US bank account and routing number that is verified and gets payment through this app finds the money within two days.

When you create a new account on Venmo, you will provide it with your banking account credentials and routing number. These details are necessary to get payments. After that, any payment made to you through the Venmo app goes into your bank account. This does not take more than two business days.

Users can check the app or the website to learn about the status of any payment. You can also find out if the funds have come into your account. Venmo also notifies users when they receive or send a payment.

How Long Does It Take for Venmo Direct Deposit to Hit

When your employer transfers a direct deposit amount, you will generally find it in your account between 10.00 AM and 4.59 PM ET on the same business day. But this time is subject to variation according to the credit union or bank that issues the deposit. Besides this, if there are upcoming holidays or weekends, direct deposit will not hit on the same day. For example, if direct deposit is set to arrive on a holiday or weekend, it won’t show up in your Venmo account till the next business day.

It is better to always ask your bank and employer about the expected arrival timing of the direct deposit. You can also reach out to Venmo support if you have queries regarding your direct deposit.

When Does Venmo Direct Deposit Arrive Two Days Early?

Sometimes, the direct deposit may come earlier than usual. It depends on the policies of your bank and when your employer has initiated the deposit. Generally, the direct deposit will arrive two days early if your employer sends it to your Venmo account two days earlier than the payday.

In this case, you will find the deposit in your Venmo account one or two days early. Direct deposit is surely a great feature of digital payment apps like Venmo. However, it is not wise to only depend on it to get your salary before the standard payday.

Why Is Your Venmo Direct Deposit Late?

Sometimes, you may find the direct deposit not arriving in the requisite time. You will wonder why is your direct deposit late. This is a common problem and has various valid reasons. These include the following:

  • Your direct deposit is being processed: Direct deposit requires a specific amount of time to get processed. Only after that does it show in your account. Do not think there is a standard or universal timing of the direct deposit. It differs a lot according to your financial institution’s policy and that of your employer.
  • Technical issues are hindering the arrival of direct deposit: Technical issues with payroll systems are common. Your employer’s payroll system can encounter technical issues that might prevent direct deposit from arriving. Also, at times Venmo’s system encounters technical glitches, which delay the processing of direct deposit.
  • Incorrect bank information: A very common mistake users make is giving incorrect banking data. If you enter the wrong information in your Venmo account, the direct deposit won’t arrive. It may even get rejected. So, navigate to settings and check whether your bank account data is correct.
  • Bank holidays: A bank holiday will definitely cause a delay in the arrival of your direct deposit. So, find out if there are any bank holidays on the arrival day of the direct deposit. If yes, prepare yourself to get money a bit later than usual.
  • It’s a weekend – Venmo direct deposits do not hit on weekends. It’s because the Federal Reserve system is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

How to Set up a Direct Deposit in Venmo

A direct deposit has many benefits for the employee. It lets you redirect a part of your paycheck and removes the problem of using your paycheck. You also get faster access to the money. To set up direct deposit in Venmo, you must be eligible for it.

If you qualify for availing of the direct deposit feature, you can find it in the ‘Settings’ section of the app. Those who can access direct deposit there should follow these points to set it up.

  • Touch your photograph. It will enable you to get to the ‘Me’ tab.
  • Here, touch the settings gear icon, which is there on the top-right area.
  • Now touch ‘Direct Deposit’ followed by ‘Show account number.’
  • This will let you get your account data in Venmo and the routing number.
  • Copy them to fill the direct deposit form.
  • If you are prompted to get your bank address, use the address of the Bancorp Bank. It is the FDIC-insured partner of Venmo. Here is the bank’s address:

6100 S Old Village PI

Sioux Falls, SD 57108


Does Venmo Direct Deposit on Friday?

Yes, Venmo accepts direct deposit on Fridays.

Does Venmo Direct Deposit on Saturday?

No, Saturday is not used for direct deposits in Venmo.

What time does Venmo release direct deposits?

Venmo releases direct deposits at midnight on payday.

Concluding Words

Venmo is a safe digital payment application whose direct deposit feature leads to faster access to paychecks. If you qualify for the feature, set it up through the steps in this article. Rest assured, you’ll get your payment promptly unless there is some technical issue in your bank or at Venmo’s end.

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