How To Check Your Credit Score?

Want to know how strong chances you have for loan approvals and other sorts of quick financial help from banks or financial institutions? Then, you will have to check your credit score, which is the number that falls between  300 – 850. If you want to know what a credit score is and how it affects the easy approval of loans for buying a house, car, or anything you require to fulfill? we would recommend you read the blog till the end. 

Whether you want to buy a house on a loan or obtain a credit card to manage your urgent financial needs, it is important to show creditworthiness and convince your lender that you are capable to pay the money back on time with interest. This is also a way to build a healthy relationship between borrowers and lenders. It also increases the chances for instant approval on loans and credit cards with low interest.  

To measure the borrower’s ability or determination to pay the borrowed money back without any hassle, lenders and banks check the credit score to have an assurance of satisfying repayment from borrowers. 

To take instant and easy financial help and support from banks or any financial institution to manage your needs, you must build a good credit score that represents your history of repaying money and assure good negotiating power. 

Before learning How To Check Your Credit Score? let’s have a brief introduction of what a credit score is and how it can get you instant loans for higher limits? 

What is a credit score? 

In simple terms, a Credit score is a way or a number given to borrowers to check their ability and loyalty to repay the borrowed money to lenders and banks over time. Until banks and lenders do not have complete assurance of getting their money back from borrowers or customers based on their good credit scores,  it will be a daunting task for borrowers to get their loans and credit card requests easily approved. The higher the credit score you have, the more trust you build among lenders and financial firms for easy approval of better loans. 

Here we have provided 4 ways to check your credit score. 

Check Your Credit Score through your bank 

The first way to check your credit score for free is through your bank. Many banks offer credit score services for free; if you want to check your own, a visit to your bank would be beneficial. The bank will get you the credit score based on your past financial history without requiring any fee.  

Either you can go to the bank or check the score online. If the bank provides this service, you can review the monthly statements to find a score. Access a bank account online to check your credit score. 

Get in touch with a financial counselor to check your credit score  

When the bank does not provide this service or if you want to use another option to check the credit then, we would recommend you talk to the financial counselor. Having a small meeting with the counselor is one of the easiest ways to obtain information about the credit score. To find and review the credit score, the counselor does not require any fee for it. 

  • You will have to visit the National Foundation to access the Credit Counseling website. 
  • Dial the number 800-388-2227 to easily get in touch with the counselor. 

Reach free credit score services 

With the assistance of free credit score services, borrowers can clearly see where they stand in their credit score. To access the free credit score services, you will have to do some research to find a trustworthy company. 

You can look for an esteemed online company that offers free credit score services but beware of imposters and fraud websites. Get in touch with Experian, Credit Sesame, or Credit Karma. 

To get the company to find and review your credit score, you will have to provide the required personal details such as contact number, address, full name, date of birth, social security number or SSN, etc.  

Approach FICO to get the score  

How To Check Your Credit Score? If you have got success in finding your credit score anywhere else, you can choose FICO’s basic plan to check the score.  You will have to visit the official site of FICO and sign up for a basic plan. To do so, use the following steps. 

  • Head to the official site. 
  • Find and select the “Start Plan”. 
  • Here, you will have to provide your email and password to create an account or for registration. 
  • You will be asked to enter your personal details such as contact number, SSN, or social security number, date of birth, name, etc. 
  • Once details are submitted, Pay the fee by choosing any convenient option. 
  • Now, you can check and review the score. 
  • Cancel anytime. 

Final Note  

 How To Check Your Credit Score? To obtain the required details about the credit score, here in this blog, we have provided you with 4 ways to follow. You can choose any as per your need or comfort. With these ways, either you can learn the credit score for free or pay some fee by choosing any suitable plan offered by the service provider. 


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