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Why Do We Collect Information? 

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How Do We Collect Your Details? 

  • Through our contact form 

We can collect personal details such as  Full name, address, email id, date of birth, etc if users wish to fill out any form available on this site. If you are worried about the information you share on this platform then, you don’t need to worry about your privacy as we do not do anything that breaks our readers’ trust. 

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Cookies and various other information-tracking technology are also used to gather users’ data  

To store and record your data and preferences, we also use cookies and tracking technology to meet your needs as per the informative service we offer on our site. Data that is collected through this advanced technology includes – IP addresses, type of browser, OS, etc. 

How Do We Use Users’ Data? 

  • We submit your data to enhance the quality of information and solutions we provide here. With the collection of personal data of users, we improve our ways of delivering information that meets users’ needs or requirements.   
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  • With the collected users’ data, we conduct thorough research so we can tailor our blogs and articles to answer any of your queries. 
  •  To safeguard the rights and safety of Topbankingrates and its team, we have the right to record the data about users who visit our website. After gathering detials from users, we give our full assurance of the safety of readers’ privacy and basic rights.  

Uses of Personal Information 

We use the information we collect as described above to: 

  • Observe the purpose for which the information is provided by the consumer. 
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  • Provide the consumer with the required information, product, or service. 
  • Do internal and external marketing. 
  • Execution of obligations and enforcement of contractual rights. Improve web-based services such as testing, research, analysis, and development. 
  • Respond to requests from law enforcement and governmental organizations as required by law, court order, or government regulation. 
  • Evaluate or merge, reject, restructure, reorganize, cancel, sell or otherwise transfer some or all of our assets, either on an ongoing basis or as part of a discreet transaction in which personal information is collected by one of the transferred assets.