Google Word Coach – What It Is, How to Play & Benefits

Google Word Coach – What It Is, How to Play & Benefits

Google Word Coach is a great way to build your skills in the English language. It is a quiz game from Google that enables people to expand their vocabulary without feeling bored. This game was released in 2018 for people in places where English is hardly spoken. After 2020, the game started supporting languages like German, Japanese, Korean, and French.

Are you a non-native English speaker and want to enhance your spoken and writing abilities? This game will be quite beneficial for you. Find out more about the key details of this game and its benefits.

What Is Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach aims to build your English language skills in a fun way. If you cannot speak English but want to learn how to use it, the game will be perfect. It makes you answer multiple-choice questions on synonyms and antonyms, so you gain a better knowledge of how different words are used in English.

This game is very easy to access. It even has a scoring system and levels that keep the player motivated to play and boost their language learning skills. Although presently, there is no app for this game on the Play Store, you may expect one soon.

How to Access Google Word Coach Game

To access Google Word Coach, you must first open the Chrome browser on your mobile or smartphone. After that, follow these points to get the game and play it.

  1. Input Google Word Coach on the search engine and press enter.
  2. Look at the right side. You’ll find the translation result of the game.
  3. Tap the translation result, and you’ll find Google Word Coach in your region’s language.
  4. You will notice some prompts to change language at the bottom. There will be some supported regional languages as well.
  5. Tap on a specific language, and the game will show in that language.

How to Play Google Word Coach

As mentioned, Google Word Coach helps people improve their English by using synonyms and antonyms of different words. The steps for playing this vocabulary builder game are as follows:

  1. The game has varying rounds that you will go through when you access it.
  2. Every question has two options as answers. You’ll need to select a suitable one.
  3. The two options can be in the form of two words, images, or the meaning of the words.
  4. Players who are not sure of the answer to a specific question can skip that question.
  5. The game’s ease will be based on the point you start engaging in it.
  6. You will get the result of your given answer immediately. It’ll show whether your answer is correct or incorrect.
  7. After you have attempted a question, the next question will show on the screen.

Some Rules to Follow While Playing Google Word Coach

Before you start playing Google Word Coach, it’s crucial to know how you score in this game. Here are the rules that need to be followed.

  1. Every correct answer has 200 points. These points can be changed according to your level or search history.
  2. If you see a question related to a word that you looked for recently, your correct answer will fetch you 500 bonus points.
  3. There is no negative marking in this game.
  4. The difficulty level of the game increases when you attain a good score.
  5. The game is not time-bound. You may play it without worrying about losing time.

Does Google Word Coach Help?

Google Word Coach is an effective method to develop your vocabulary. It is an engaging game that tests your knowledge of different words in English so you can use them better in real life. Here are some other main benefits of this quiz game.

  1. The game is very simple to use. You only need to type Google Word Coach in your browser’s search bar to open the game and start answering questions.
  2. The vibrant images and multiple-choice questions make the game appealing to learners of all levels. This interactive interface makes the learners retain their focus and motivation to improve their vocabulary.
  3. The audio pronunciation in Google Word Coach is immensely helpful for non-native speakers. You can understand how to pronounce a word correctly, apart from knowing its meaning.
  4. The game is perfect as an additional learning tool for people who are already learning English.
  5. The more you engage in this game, the better your cognitive ability and retention power.
  6. After engaging in this game for over a period, you’ll find yourself understanding different pieces of text better. They won’t feel as difficult to you as they did before.

Final Words

Google Word Coach is a great tool for non-native English speakers to develop their confidence in speaking this language. It makes learning the meanings of new words according to your existing level incredibly easy. Thus, you can gain a good grasp of using various words when conversing with others or writing a document.

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