What Is Snapchat Yellow Heart? Is It Better Than Other Emojis?

Snapchat, the instant messaging app, is replete with a variety of emojis. These emoticons symbolize different types of connections. Most of the emojis reflect your relationship with your friends on the app. But one of the recent ones is the Snapchat yellow heart. This emoji symbolizes that you are best friends with the specific Snapchat user beside whom it shows.

Put simply, the yellow heart emoji implies that you send and receive the maximum number of snaps with that person and are officially best friends. Explore more about the meaning of this emoji below.

When Does the Snapchat Yellow Heart Appear?

The Snapchat yellow heart appears only beside those with whom you regularly snap for several weeks. In other words, you need to actively use Snapchat almost on a daily basis. This enhances your snap score with that particular individual.

The algorithm of Snapchat pays attention to whom you interact with, the amount of time you interact with someone and the overall importance you give to different people in your contact list.

Note that to make this heart appear beside a specific contact, you must solely focus your attention on interacting with them on this platform for at least three to five weeks.

If you use Snapchat daily but engage with many people, you won’t be able to see the yellow heart beside anyone. It’s because now there are more people competing for the yellow heart. You cannot have so many best friends on Snapchat. So, the process of a single person gaining the best friend status or the yellow heart will become difficult.

Is the Snapchat Yellow Heart Better Than Pink Hearts?

Snapchat yellow heart indicates that you are best friends with each other. It, in turn, means that you share everything with each other and are aware of one another’s deepest secrets.

The Snapchat pink hearts emoji implies that you two are about to become best friends. When you exchange the most amount of snaps with someone for two months straight, the pink hearts emoji will appear.

However, Snapchat’s yellow heart symbolizes a better and deeper connection with one another than pink hearts. This is because the yellow heart means that you have sent and are sending the most snaps to this person, and they are also sending the maximum number of snaps to you.

When Does the Snapchat Yellow Heart Disappear?

Sometimes, you might find Snapchat yellow heart getting replaced by other emojis. So, you might wonder why the yellow heart disappeared on my Snapchat. This happens when your snapping patterns change.

If another individual starts exchanging the most number of snaps with you, then the yellow heart beside the previous person with whom you exchanged the most snaps will disappear. It basically signifies the change in the way you are interacting with your friends.

You might become best friends with another person and discover a more meaningful connection with them over time. So, this will make Snapchat’s yellow heart disappear beside your previous friend’s name. The emoji will now appear beside the name of the current person with whom you exchange the highest number of snaps.

Should You Be Upset Over Losing a Yellow Heart on Snapchat?

Has a yellow heart beside one of your best friends on Snapchat disappeared? If this was a person who meant a lot to you, then you must be a bit upset over losing this yellow heart. It’s because the disappearance of this heart implies that you aren’t interacting with them as frequently as before.

It might be that they have made another best friend, and so, are interacting with you less frequently. In either case, it means that you both are not in touch with each other as you were before.

You may feel upset for one or two days, especially if this person meant a lot to you. But at the end of the day, you must understand that as humans with free will, we can interact with anyone we want. You cannot force someone to show an interest in you forever. If it happens, it’s great. But if not, you shouldn’t obsess over it.

Is It Possible to See Someone’s Best Friend on Snapchat?

You might be curious to find another person’s best friend on Snapchat. Many people try to find ways to know with whom their contacts are best friends. However, presently, there is no foolproof way to find out someone’s best friend on Snapchat.

A few years ago, it was possible to see someone’s best friends on Snapchat. But for security reasons, Snapchat has done away with this feature.

There isn’t any third-party app that you can use to find this out. If you really want to know with whom a particular person is best friends, you must directly ask them. If you feel that the other person will not be offended by this question, go ahead and ask them. But if you feel that this would invade their privacy, do not take the step.

Final Words

You now know the significance of Snapchat yellow heart. It shows that you exchange the most snaps with a person and, thus, share a deep bond. If you see this emoji beside the name of anyone on your friend list, you may take steps to nurture this special connection. After all, it’s hard to find people with whom you can share so much without worrying about anything.

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