A Helpful Guide to Add and Redeem a Venmo Gift Card

A Helpful Guide to Add and Redeem a Venmo Gift Card

The Venmo payment app lets you connect with your friends and even exchange gift cards with them. So, if you’ve just got such a card, you might ask how to add a Venmo gift card. Adding it to a Venmo account is a straightforward operation. Whether it’s a Visa or a MasterCard, you can add it and enjoy some extra cash.

After the card has been added, it will feel easy to reload your Venmo balance. It is also simple to add cash to your card. You can also redeem a gift card on Venmo by utilizing the Send Money feature while making payments. Here is the entire information on adding a gift card to your Venmo account.

Adding a Venmo Gift Card – Things to Know

  • Venmo works with major card companies, such as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
  • You can add any gift card to Venmo by navigating to the ‘Payment Methods’ section on the app.
  • You can pay others using your gift card balance from the balance in Venmo if it doesn’t go over the amount.
  • Users can add a Visa gift card to this payment app with a 16-digit Visa gift card number.

The Way to Add a Gift Card to Your Venmo

Utilize either Venmo or its primary website for this process.

  • Download the Venmo app. The download is necessary if you desire to add the card by utilizing your phone.
  • Once it gets downloaded, open it and access the home screen.
  • If you are using a computer for this purpose, head to the official website of Venmo.
  • Now, use your Venmo email ID and password and sign into your account on the app.
  • Once you are signed in, choose the three horizontal lines icon, it is present in the upper-left area on the new screen.
  • In the menu, locate the ‘Settings’ option. Touch it to continue.
  • The Settings menu will have various options.
  • Go below the ‘Preferences’ tab.
  • Here, select the ‘Payment methods’ option.
  • After that, touch the ‘Add bank or card’ option.
  • In the new menu, touch the ‘Card’ option.
  • Now you will get a prompt to input your card details.
  • Ensure to fill out accurate data.
  • Scan the gift card from the camera of your device for better accuracy.
  • Now hit the ‘Add’ button.
  • It will take some time for Venmo to process your data.
  • Soon, the Venmo gift card will be added to your account.
  • Use it to buy anything at a retail outlet.

Transfer Money From the Gift Card to Venmo Account

Now that you have linked your gift card transfer money between the card to the Venmo account. This process will help you to move money from the gift card to the app’s account.

  • Open Venmo on your smartphone.
  • Now, tap the ‘Me’ icon.
  • It has the image of a person and a dollar sign.
  • After that, touch ‘Manage Balance.’
  • Input the sum to transfer to the Venmo account.
  • After that, choose the prepaid card you just added to your Venmo account.
  • Now you can modify the arrival date of the amount into your account.
  • At the end, find and touch ‘Add Now.’
  • The money from a gift card is dispatched to your app’s account.

Steps to Enter Cash from Venmo to the Gift Card

Moving funds from Venmo to any prepaid card is also possible. The operation occurs only post verification of your identity in Venmo. In the following section, we will explain how to verify the identity and then transfer money from the account on the app to the gift card.

  • Navigate to the ‘Me’ section on the Venmo app.
  • Tap ‘Settings.’
  • Now, tap ‘Identity Verification’ in the ‘Security’ section.
  • The ID verification process will take place.
  • You will get an email from Venmo about additional documentation needed.
  • Once that is done, head to the ‘Me’ tab again.
  • Now, tap the ‘Add or Transfer’ button.
  • Touch money to add to the gift card from your account.
  • Select the gift card on which you want to transfer the money.
  • Now, select ‘Instant’ to move the funds into your gift card.

POINT TO NOTE: If you don’t want to incur a fee in this process, choose the option ‘1-3 business days.’

  • Select ‘Transfer.

Get the Maximum out of Your Gift Card on Venmo

  • Ensure that your gift card balance is current. Check with your provider about this regularly.
  • Use the ‘Send money’ feature on Venmo while making payments. It enables you to cover charges with other payment methods linked to your accounts.
  • Some merchants do not accept gift cards. So, review the policy of every merchant before using a gift card to buy.

Add a Visa Gift Card Easily to the Venmo App

Use these instructions to quickly add a Visa gift card to your Venmo.

  • Access your Venmo app account. You can also use your PC for it.
  • Find the ‘Payments and Transfers’ area.
  • Next, the ‘Add prepaid card’ option should be picked.
  • Now, give in the Visa gift card number. You can find its field on the screen.
  • Ensure to input the correct 16 digits for a successful process.
  • After filling out the relevant data, hit ‘Continue.’
  • Choose from recurring or one-time payments for the amount you need.
  • Review all the information that you have inputted on the screen.
  • Now, hit ‘Confirm.’
  • When your gift card addition is added to Venmo, use it to make purchases.

Tips to Use Venmo Gift Cards Correctly

Venmo gift cars are digital prepaid cards. They ensure that your friends and family members can top up their balance quickly. The card’s value can be moved into the existing Venmo app on someone’s phone. It works by enabling users who have linked their credit or debit cards to add cash in increments of $1 to $500.

Some good ways to use a Venmo gift card include:

  • Inspect the expiry date of the gift card.
  • You must utilize the funds before the expiry date.
  • If there is some remaining balance from the gift card, transfer it to your bank account or credit or debit card. It ensures that no one misses out on their funds.
  • In order to examine your gift card balance, open the Gift Card’s page on the Venmo app. Tap an active card and see the available credit.

Wrapping up

You cannot add more than $500 worth to every active Venmo gift card. Use the gift card to buy anything you like without worrying about any additional fees. The gift cards ensure that you have adequate money in case of emergencies.

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