What Bank Is Venmo on Plaid – Find the Answer Here!

What Bank Is Venmo on Plaid – Find the Answer Here!

Plaid enables thousands of users to safely connect their banks to peer-to-peer payment apps. This allows the P2P apps to impart safe services to their user base. Users of Venmo, a popular online payment wallet, often have a question on their minds. They ask what bank is Venmo on Plaid.

Venmo is not a financial institution or a bank. It works in conjunction with Bancorp Bank, through which users can receive a direct deposit and a debit card. Also, since Plaid enables users to link financial apps to banks via their banking account credentials, you cannot find Venmo’s bank on this service. Read this post to learn about Venmo being on Plaid in detail.

What Bank Is Venmo on Plaid – Key Points

  • Plaid functions as an intermediary between your bank and the Venmo app.
  • Venmo is hosted on the Plaid service and is not in the form of a full-fledged bank.
  • Users of Venmo can use Plaid to link their financial institution or bank account to fund transactions.
  • Venmo uses the Plaid service to confirm your banking information and periodically check your account balance to see if you have adequate funds.
  • Venmo collaborates with Bancorp Bank to keep your funds safe, but you cannot use your account on this app to connect it with other apps via Plaid.

How Does the Plaid Service Works?

The Plaid software offers a technology to link your bank or financial accounts and share their information with an app. You can share your account data through this software and access any service, such as Venmo. The type of information you share can be your account number, transactions, and contact data.

Plaid is essentially a middleman between your bank accounts and apps that you prefer. It isn’t mandatory to have a Plaid account to use the service. If you use an eligible app, you will see Plaid showing as a way to add a bank account or link a kind of account.

When you give your financial account data, such as your username and passcode, Plaid confirms account ownership and shares it with the app you desire to use.

The mobile app Venmo requires that its users verify a bank account via the Plaid service. When you input your bank account’s username and password, it is used by Venmo to check the account data and if there’s enough money for transactions.

How Do Venmo and Plaid Work?

Venmo and Plaid work in certain cases only. We already mentioned above that as a Venmo user, you will have to connect your bank or credit union for payments using Plaid. By linking your Venmo deposit account through the Plaid service to another application, you can receive direct deposits.

But this demands that you connect your Venmo account manually instead of employing the automatic linking functionality of Plaid.

What Bank Is Venmo on Plaid

Bancorp Bank is the bank name for Venmo on Plaid.. So, in Venmo’s case, even if you use Bancorp Bank for direct deposit, your account will not have any banking credentials linked to it.

Venmo is not a complete bank account that you can link through the Plaid software with another service. In order to link your account on Venmo to a different app through Plaid, you will require your account and routing numbers.

These numbers are there in your Venmo account. Use this process to find out your Venmo bank (or account and routing number) on Plaid.

  • Sign into your Venmo account.
  • Next, head to the ‘Me’ tab.
  • Tap your picture for this purpose.
  • Hit the ‘Settings’ section followed by ‘Direct deposit.’
  • Now, touch ‘Show Account Numbers.’
  • Your account and routing numbers will show on the screen.
  • Use them to manually connect to Plaid.

POINT TO NOTE: You may also check if you can add your prepaid debit card and then connect your Venmo card. If you are doubtful about its possibility, contact the support team of the app where you desire to add Venmo.

How to Associate Your Venmo Account Manually without Plaid

Several services allow you to connect your bank account manually via the account or routing number. This is for those who do not want to link their banking account with the Plaid service. It is also useful in situations when your bank is not compatible with or supportive of Plaid.

Locate the option to add your banking account manually on the service you want to associate your Venmo account to. If you cannot find such an option, call the customer support staff and inquire about it.

After you find this option, input your Venmo routing and account number. To find it:

  • Launch the Venmo app and sign in.
  • Hit the ‘You’ tab icon in the lower menu.
  • After that, click the ‘Direct Deposit’ option.
  • Here you can see both numbers.

You may be prompted to perform a test transfer. This is to verify your identity as the owner of the direct deposit account in Venmo. So, ensure that you have adequate balance to test the transfers.


Why can Venmo not verify my bank?

Venmo cannot verify your bank because of incorrect account and routing numbers. You must confirm these numbers by reaching out to your bank. Delete the bank account from the app and re-add it with the correct information.

Why is Venmo Plaid not functioning?

If you cannot link your bank to Venmo through Plaid, it can be because the bank you want to connect is not supported by Plaid. Your bank may not allow Plaid to link your data to a third-party app. It would be best to seek help from your bank about it.

Can I consider Plaid reliable for Venmo verification?

Yes, Plaid is highly reliable and secure. It follows strict security protocols, such as multi-factor authentication, to secure your account’s login. So, you can depend on it for Venmo verification.

Does Plaid work with Venmo?

Yes, Plaid works with Venmo to verify your bank account details.

Can you connect Venmo to Plaid?

Yes. Plaid is an app that links your bank and other financial account to the apps you use, like Venmo.

Wrapping up

Since Venmo is not a bank, you cannot find its bank on Plaid. You can get a debit card through Venmo’s insured partner, the Bancorp Bank. An account with this bank cannot connect with Plaid because Venmo doesn’t give any credentials that Plaid can verify.

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