How to Generate Fake Venmo Screenshot and Spot It?

How to Generate Fake Venmo Screenshot and Spot It?

Venmo has become quite a popular money exchange app in recent years. Sometimes, people want to make others believe that they have received a payment when in reality, they haven’t. This can be used to play pranks with friends. A fake Venmo screenshot is used for this purpose.

Remember that using such fake payment screenshots should only be for having fun with your friends. Otherwise, it can make people vulnerable to deceptive screenshots. Also, Venmo never asks you to give your transaction details or personal data. So, consider it fake if someone asks you to share a screenshot.

Always remember that fraudsters generate such screenshots for scams. You must use it just to have an entertaining experience with your friends.

Fake Venmo Screenshot – Quick Things to Know

  • You can use readymade templates to make a fake payment screenshot on Venmo.
  • Use your Venmo account and transaction history to create a fake screenshot.
  • Use online tools to generate a false Venmo screenshot.

Ways to Create a Fake Venmo Screenshot

Generating false Venmo payments screenshots is not difficult at all. You can use any of these ways to make it.

1.   Use readymade templates

There are many readymade templates for generating screenshots online. A quick web search will yield many results for these templates. Download any one of them on your computer.

After that, use Microsoft Word to edit them according to your preferences.

2.   Use your Venmo account and transaction history.

If you have your Venmo account and transaction history, use these steps to create a screenshot.

  • Access the Chrome browser on your system.
  • Navigate to
  • Sign into your account via your credentials.
  • You will now come to the transaction summary page.
  • See that you have a minimum of single transaction history.
  • Tap on your transaction.
  • Now click the three-dots button on the screen.
  • Tap the menu bar.
  • Access the developer tool by hitting Ctrl + Shift + I.
  • You will see the page source code on your screen.
  • Paste it on an editor app.
  • Find the element that indicates balance. You will need to use your programming skills for it.
  • Once you find the balance, change it to how you want.
  • Now take its screenshot and send it to the one you are playing with.

Use online tools

There are many online tools that function as fake Venmo screenshot generators. Using any of them, you can create an artificial payment screenshot. These generators can enable you to generate false screen payment screenshots for various money exchange applications apart from Venmo.

1.    Invoicewriter

Through Invoicewriter, you can create varying receipts without any cost. Just navigate to its official website and look for Venmo. Once you find it, start editing the free receipt template and download it on your phone.

2.    Out Receipt

Out Receipt is another online tool that helps Venmo users generate very convincing payment screenshots. It has many receipt templates through which you can personalize the payment receipt however you want.

The moment you enter the needed information, it will generate a screenshot that you can save and print.

3.    ExpressExpense

It is also a receipt-maker tool that generates receipts for various things. Developing artificial Venmo receipts using this tool requires you to do a few things.

Just enter the required data, select a template, and edit it. After that, download the template, and you will feel amazed looking at highly professional payment receipts.

The app is free, but you will need to pay if you desire to access more templates.

4.    Photoshop

Photoshop is renowned for image editing. You can easily make false Venmo screenshots if you know how to use this application. With it, you can even edit current Venmo screenshots.

Note that you must have some level of skill to generate realistic screenshots.

Tips to Identify Real and Unreal Venmo Screenshots

There are various inconsistencies in a fake Venmo screenshot. Besides that, you can also check other things listed below to spot a fake screenshot.

  • Find out whether there are any differences in the design of the screenshot. For example, you may find inconsistencies in the layout or the font.
  • Examine the transaction details. These include the amount, date, and recipient and sender names. If you find them to be suspicious or strange, the screenshot is fake.
  • You can also watch out for signs of editing. These include blurriness or pixelating surrounding the boundaries of the screenshot.
  • Find out whether the screenshot is authentic by inspecting it against the Venmo app or the official website.
  • If you are having trouble with authenticity verification, connect with customer support at Venmo.
  • Venmo does not ask its customers to share personal information. It includes your Venmo transactions. So, if someone asks you to share this screenshot, it is likely that they are scamming you.

Steps to Screenshot Venmo on Your Computer

You can take a screenshot using your computer quite easily.

  • By pressing the Win and PrtScn keys on the keyboard, a screenshot of your screen will display, which you can then edit on an app.
  • Use the Snip & Sketch application to take any shape of the screenshot.
  • Enable the game bar by hitting the Windows and G keys.


Will my Venmo display screenshots?

No, you will not be notified if another person takes a screenshot of your payments. That person will also not be notified if you take their payment screenshot.

Can I reverse my Venmo payment?

Only Venmo Support can reverse a payment. They will do so if you permit them and have funds in your account.

Can I make Venmo transactions private?

Head to ‘Settings’ on Venmo and choose who can view your transactions. This is below the ‘Privacy’ option.

How to Generate a Fake Venmo Screenshot?

Various tools are used to generate a fake Venmo screenshot. Some of the popular ones are given below:
Quick Receipt
Out Receipt
nuTemplates etc.

How to Spot Fake Venmo Screenshots?

Go through the below points to spot fake Venmo screenshots:
Venmo always asks you to keep your details private. So, if this happens, then it’s fake.
Check the details of the transaction that you’ve done. If it seems dubious, the screenshot is not real.
Search for the variability in the screenshot’s design, including a different layout or font other than the official Venmo app.

Summing up

Taking false Venmo payment screenshots is a fun pastime. But refrain from engaging in it often. If you want to keep your account data private, use the privacy settings. You can keep all the screenshots in a secure place.

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