Regions Bank Routing Number – Find Your Routine Number

Regions Bank Routing Number – Find Your Routine Number

What is Regions Bank Routing Number? To know the routing number of your region’s bank, we would recommend you to read the article till the end. To assure safe and successful online transactions from one account to another, a routine number of your bank plays a significant role and that’s why you should be aware of it. Let’s learn more about the importance of routing numbers below but first, take a look at the introduction of Regions Bank.

Regions bank is a big reputed financial corporation in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. The financial organization is better known for its retail and commercial banking services. And apart from this, it also offers its customers a wide range of financial, stock brokerage, and mortgage services.

There are many customers of the bank across the US who are availing of online banking services offered by the bank. The bank helps customers to make their payments with ease and accuracy. But have you ever wondered what important thing you need to be aware of while making payments or sending money from one account to another? If not,  then, let me tell you this.

A routing number is considered the most important part of your online transaction as with this number, banks and financial institutions can identify your location. If you are a regions bank’s customer then, you must have a little understanding of your routing number. Because with a 9-digit routing number of your account, financial institutions can recognize other banks and financial institutions.

What is Regions Bank Routing Number?

A routing number is a 9-digit number associated with your bank account to make easy and hurdle-less online transactions. If you have to receive a wire transfer from someone familiar into your checking account, then,  you will have to provide the sender with your correct routing number and your checking account number so that transactions can be done easily without hassle.

Regions’ routing number for domestic wire transfers is 062005690, and its international wire transfer routing number is UPNBUS44. If you are a customer of the bank, you can use the number to make safe online payments online. The routing number of your regions bank can vary depending on the different states of the US.

According to sources, it is said that routing numbers were created more than a century ago by the American Bankers Association as a way to verify the identity of federal and state banks in online money transfers or transactions. Routing numbers are also known as ABA numbers. The number is assigned by the Federal Reserve, and one routing number can not be owned by two banks. Every bank has a different routing number.

Small banks or financial institutions can have one routing number but large financial organizations or banks that operate across many states and places of the country can have multiple routing numbers.

Below you can see the list below to check the routing number of regions bank for different US states.

Regions Bank Routing Number Statewise 

State Routing Number
Alabama 062000019
Arkansas 082000109
Florida 063104668
Georgia 061101375
Illinois 071122661
Indiana 074014213
Iowa 073900438
Kentucky 083901744
Louisiana 065403626
Mississippi 065305436
Missouri 081001387
North Carolina 053012029
South Carolina 053201814
Tennessee 064000017
Texas 111900785
Virginia 051009296

How can one find the routing number of Regions Bank?

If you remember the state or place in which you opened your checking account in Regions Bank then, it can be easy for you to find the routing number of your account.

If you have a checking or savings account in Regions Bank, then, you can find your bank’s routing number on a check. In the lower-left corner of your check, you will notice a 9-digit number available on your check. But if you do not have a check to find out the bank’s routing number then, you can contact the customer care service of Regions Bank at any time.

You can dial the toll-free official number of the bank and talk to the officials for help. 800-734-4667 is the official contact number of your Regions Bank. Apart from dialing the contact number, the bank also provides the facility of sending an email to its representatives.

What does the routing number of Regions Bank describe?

A 9-digit routing number is divided into 3 main sections and the first section of the number consists of 4 digits and is called Federal Reserve Processing Symbol. And the first two digits of the number identify which of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts the bank resides in. and the last two digits show the regional processing center and its location.

What is the  Regions Bank Routing Number for International electronic or wire transfers?

The Regions bank routing number for wire transfers is 062005690, and for the international wire transfer is UPNBUS44.

Where to find the Regions Bank routing number?

To find the routing number of your bank, you can use the 3 ways mentioned below:-

  1. You can contact the customer care service of your Region Bank

In order to find the routing number of your Region Bank, you can dial this official phone number – 1-800-295-8472. The customer care service of the bank is available from Monday to Friday and from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  1. You can send an email to the customer care department of Regions Bank

You can log into your account of Region Bank online portal and tap on the “Secure Mail Messages’ option.

  1. Another way to find the routing number of Regions Bank is on the check

You can look at the lower left corner of your check where a 9-digit routing number of the bank is printed.

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What is the routing number for Regions Bank in Memphis TN?

Missouri – 081001387, North Carolina – 053012029, South Carolina – 053201814, Tennessee – 064000017. You can also check the other US states’ Regions Bank routing numbers.

What is the routing number for Regions Bank in Mississippi?


Where is the account number on a Regions check?

In the bottom left corner of your check, there is an available 9-digit routing number of Regions Bank and the other 9 digits in the middle of your check are your account number.

How do I find my account routing?

You can find the routing number of Region Bank on your check. And besides this, you can also contact the customer care service of Regions Bank.

How do I find my bank’s routing number without a check?

You can dial the official helpline number of Region Bank and talk to the officials to find out your bank’s routing number.

Final Note! 

Here you can get all significant information about your Regions Bank Routing Number. Many ways have been discussed in the blog through which, you can find your routing number with ease. One way is very simple where you can find the routing available in the lower left corner of your check.

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