Check 7 Best Places Money Order – Places to Buy Money Orders

Check 7 Best Places Money Order – Places to Buy Money Orders

Although the world of ever-changing technology is embracing the great heights of the infinite sky, there are many people out there who still prefer to choose money order as the only option to send and receive money. Undeniably, there are millions of apps and software available in the online market that facilitate users to make instant payments with ease and accuracy. Still, many of us choose to make transactions through money orders. If you are one of those who find ease and comfort in making payments through money order then, you must read the places where you can get this paper document. Here in this blog, we have described the Best Places for Money orders so that you can easily transfer your money to anyone in the world.

What is a money order? What are the Best Places for Money orders?

A money order is considered a great way of sending and receiving funds when one does not have a bank account. Moreover, it is not attached to any bank, but a person whose name is written on it can receive the money through it.

It is basically a paper document that has monetary value and the receiver of that document can cash it to fulfill their hard cash-related needs. This seems to be the safer way than paychecks, card payments, and cash to make transactions.

You can rely on it but it also has some limits that might not fulfill your needs for sending and receiving money. In many places, the limit of a money order can be up to $1,000 and it can also be less than this.

And if we talk about the appearance of the money order then, it looks very similar to any check from a bank but it is not a check indeed. On money, the payee’s name is written along with all relevant and important details so that money is transferred to its right receiver. There are many post office agencies across the world that carry out the task of sending and receiving money orders.

Let’s look at the Best Places for Money orders:-

  1. You can approach any bank or financial institution to request a money order 

Visiting any bank or credit union would be the best way to get a money order without struggling. For this, all you need to do is – find out the bank that offers a money order facility. And once you succeed in finding that bank then, you will have to pay some fee for it.

You can approach the authorities of the bank and request them to issue you a money order. But if you are worried about not having an account in the bank you are going to get a money order then, worry not!

There is no need to have a bank account to get a money order from any bank or financial institution. If you are looking for the best place to get a money order then, we would suggest you visit your nearby bank and ask whether they offer a money order service or not. Around a $5 fee is charged by the bank to issue a money order. The fee can vary depending on the bank you choose for obtaining a money order.

  1. Western Union or MoneyGram Locations

These are the popular financial service providers that help people to move their money or make money transactions. You can simply find the nearby location of MoneyGram and Western Union by visiting their official sites. You can find the “locator” on the official site to find a nearby location to get a money order. Apart from this, you can also visit any retail store to obtain a money order. There are many retail stores in the US that offer money orders or various services to move your money.

  1. US Postal Service 

Here you can go to any post office of the US postal service. Make sure you go to the office with money you want to send through a money order. According to the terms and conditions of the post office, you can get a money order with the amount and the payee’s name mentioned on it. This is one of the Best Places for Money Order service providers and you can visit its nearby location.

  1. Visit 7-Eleven or Retail stores 

You can visit 7-Eleven or any other retail store and request the authority to issue a money order. You can send up to $500 and its fee can lie between 1% to 3% of the money order value. Go to any nearby retail store and request the money order.

  1. CVS Pharmacy 

CVS Pharmacy has various drugstores in the United States that also offer money-moving services such as money orders, etc. You can visit the pharmacy store located near your location and approach the authority for the same. Per money order, you can send up to $500. You can also avail the facility of sending $1,000 or more. And a $1.50 fee is charged from the customers.

  1. Walmart 

This is another popular retail store that offers its customers money-moving services. There are many retail stores that come under Walmart and they are available all across the United States. All you can do is find the closest location of the store to get money order services. $1 fee is charged from the customers also, remember that fee can also vary depending upon the retail store location you choose.

  1. Kroger

Kroger is the US biggest and largest retail company that operates several supermarkets and retail stores around the United States. This is also a good option to avail of money order services easily.

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Who has the cheapest money order fee?

Walmart and various other retail stores have a low fee for buying money orders.  You can send the amount up to $1,000 and Walmart comes with the best prices for money orders. You can choose any nearby location of the store and buy a money order.

Where can I get 4000 money order?

Per money order, you can money up to $1,000 which simply means, if you want to send more than this amount then, you can buy some extra money order to cover the amount of money for any payment.

Are money orders good anywhere?

A money order is a secure and best alternative to cash payment. You can send money to anyone in the world through money order. Here you can see the places to buy a money order.

What is the most for a money order?

$1,000 can be sent per money order.

What is the money order limit at Walmart?

You can send up $1,000 or less per day and $5,000 or less per month

Can I get a money order for 5000?

You can send from $500.01 to $1,000 but if you want to send more money then, you can buy more money orders.

The End!

If you want to send payment to someone through money order, you will first have to buy a money order from places that we have shown in this article. Here you can see the Best Places Money Order where you can money order at low or affordable rates. These places offer the best money order services with many ways to move and transfer your money.

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