“Do Netspend Cards Have a Chip”: All You Need To Know

“Do Netspend Cards Have a Chip”: All You Need To Know

In this blog post, you’ll come to know “Do Netspend Cards Have a Chip”. Also, you will know which prepaid cards come with a chip and which ones do not.

No, Netspend cards do not have a chip. Netspend cards include both Prepaid MasterCard and Visa Prepaid Card.

It means that to make payments you’ll need to swipe the card instead of inserting it. This is because in this card there is no EMV chip.

About Netspend Cards

Are you wondering to know Does Netspend card come with a chip? Mostly, it happens if you are a new cardholder and want to know whether this card comes with a chip.

Or it’s also possible that you want to get more information about Netspend cards. When we talk about prepaid cards, we all want the security that comes along with debit or credit cards.

Also, want to know whether our money is safe from fraud or not. Nowadays, various securities come from the EMV chip.

But before applying for the card, how do we know which card has a chip? And how we can keep our money safe? Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter.

Just, keep reading the guide. In this guide, you’ll get answers to all your questions.

Does Netspend have chip cards?

No, Netspend cards do not have EMV chips. You will need to swipe the card to pay with your Netspend card. You can do this using the magnetic strip of the card.

While, to pay for items this is a simple way. Usually, this card comes with a little protection for you and your finances. In prepaid cards, EMV technology is still not popular.

The reason behind this is the high cost of replacing the card with a new card. And also, adding the chip to them. But the card is popular in Europe but still not well-established in the United States.

The US offers various protections to customers who are using these prepaid cards. You must have to take some safety measures if you are using a Netspend card without a chip.

Additionally, keep your card in a safe and secure place and if lost then report it. You also have to keep an eye on the card if you are using it for making payments. If you found any suspicious activity on your card then report it instantly.

What are Card Chips?

The chip is a smaller gold or silver square on the front of the card. To make payments, a card along with a chip is inserted into a card reader. Although, it contains a microprocessor chip that is read by the card reader.

Compared to the magnetic strip, each purchase provides a unique transaction code and also has stronger fraud security. Thus, all EMVs are different and available on a wide range of cards from debit to credit cards.

However, they are also present on prepaid cards but it is available not on all of them. Hence, if the card does not have a chip then for making payments you have to swipe the card.

This makes it easier for fraudsters to steal your details. And thus, every year people charge thousands of dollars. Furthermore, this card also allows thieves to spend money. They can do this just by swiping your card.

Due to all these reasons, it’s very much important to cancel the card if it is stolen or misplaced. This you can do only to avoid your money from being used by fraudsters or anyone else.

List of Prepaid Cards with EMV Chips

After doing deep research, we prepared a list of prepaid cards that come with EMV Chips. Remember that the list doesn’t change. So, before applying for a card, contact the card provider and ask them if the card comes with a chip.

Another thing that you need to do is apply for a card and finish with other chipless cards. While using the card for the payment you’ll need to enter a PIN. When you apply for the card, the card provider provided you with the PIN.

Below is a list of prepaid cards that comes together with EMV Chips. Thus, to make a payment you’ll need to enter the card into the card reader.

  • Fifth Third Access 360 Prepaid Card
  • Current Prepaid Visa
  • Akimbo Prepaid Mastercard
  • AccountNow Gold Visa
  • TD Connect Reloadable Prepaid Card
  • Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card
  • Rush Card Prepaid Visa
  • PNC Smart Access Prepaid Visa
  • TD Go Reloadable Prepaid Card
  • Greenlight
  • Gohenry Prepaid Mastercard
  • Wells Fargo Easy Pay Card
  • Walmart MoneyCard

By going through the above list, you will see that there are lots of cards that come with chip technology. If you want to use one of them then contact the card provider directly as they will provide you with more information.

The Final Verdict

That’s all! “Do Netspend Cards Have a Chip”? If this is the question then the answer is no. If you want to use these cards for making payments then you need to swipe the card. Besides, there are lots of options available if you want to use the card with an EMV chip. For further assistance, contact the card provider directly.


Do any prepaid cards have a chip?

Yes, debit or prepaid cards have an embedded microchip. However, EMV chips or “smart” cards are credit cards.

What kind of cards are Netspend cards?

Netspend card is a prepaid card operated by Visa or Mastercard and offered by Netspend. However, this card is not linked to a credit or debit account.

What kind of debit card is Netspend?

The Netspend Card is like a traditional debit card. But remember that using these cards you can’t withdraw funds from a linked checking account.

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