Cash App Routing Number

Cash App Routing Number

From a user-friendly interface to straightforward features, the Square Cash app is a reliable way to send and receive funds online. Users can accomplish money transfer goals within seconds from one account to another. And as the Cash app uses encryption technology to safeguard your transactions and financial data, users need to worry about their funds’ security. When it comes to making transactions on the Square Cash app, Cash App Routing Number, along with the account number, plays a significant role. It won’t be possible to conduct payments on the cash app without routing and account numbers. A routing number is a 9-digit number, which is mandatory to carry out online transactions on the app. Let’s read this entire blog to understand the importance of routing numbers and how one can change the number when it is required.  

What is Cash App Routing Number? Does Cash App have a routing number? 

The Cash app’s routing number is 073923033 and 041215663. These numbers allow users to conduct safe and easy money transfers on the Cash app. Without this number, you can not be able to make online payments from your Cash app account. To check the routing number on the Cash App, you can read the below para. 

How Do You Find Your Cash App Routing Number and Account Number? 

The Cash app works with two banks –

1. Sutton bank

2. Lincoln savings banks to manage and regulate users’ financial transactions. Depending upon your location, the Cash app uses the routing number so that money transfers can be done easily. 

The Cash app routing number for Sutton bank is –  041215663 and for Lincoln Savings bank is – 073923033. In order to check the routing and account number on the Cash app, you can follow the procedure mentioned below. 

Check routing number on the Cash app: 

  • Launch the Cash app on the device and log into your account by entering your valid credentials. 
  • Now, you need to go to the “Banking” tab and tap on it. 
  • Then, the account balance will be available on the Cash app’s screen. 
  • A little underneath your “account balance”, there will be an option for “account and routing number”. 
  • Tap the “Account and Routing number” option. 
  • You can see your routing and account numbers. And if need them, you can either copy or write them down in your notebook. 

Why the Cash app routing number is not available in my cash app account? 

If you are not able to find your routing and account numbers on the cash app even after following the above procedure, it can be because your cash app card is not activated yet. To avail of the facility of direct deposit feature, a user must have an activated cash app card. Otherwise, you would have issues transferring money on the Cash app. 

The cash card is connected to your Cash app balance with which you can make online payments directly from your Cash app digital wallet. If you do not have a cash card, we would recommend you to get a cash card as soon as possible so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in money transfers. 

Once you get a card, you will have to activate it to make instant payments from your Cash app account. After the Cash app card is activated, you can not only find the routing number but also can enable the direct deposit on the Cash app.  

Below you can see the procedure to enable direct deposit on the Cash app:- 

  • Open the Cash app on the device. 
  • Go to the “Banking” tab.
  • Find and tap on the “Direct Deposit” option. 
  • Choose “Direct deposit form. 
  • Enter all the essential information and your signature too. 
  • Type the email id of the recipient and confirm. 

Can you change your Cash App routing number? 

Yes, you can change your cash app routing number. To change the routing number on the Cash app, users can create a new account with a different email id and mobile number. Creating a new account on the Cash app is the only way to change your routing number. But before you create a new account, make sure you do not forget to delete or deactivate your existing or previous Cash app account. 

Why is my Cash App Routing Number not showing? 

When the Cash app is not showing the routing number, it may be because your cash app does not have an activated cash app card. For the routing number, you will have to apply for a cash card, and after getting a card, you will need to activate it so that you can use it well.  

Why is Routing Number Important? 

For tax payments and direct deposits, a routing number is required on the Cash app. To make easy money transfers on the Cash app, the routing number is considered an important factor. And without it, users can’t experience hassle-free money transfers on the Cash app. 

What if You Don’t Have a Routing Number in Cash App?

If you do not have a routing number for your Cash app account, that means your account is not verified, and the cash card is not activated. In this case, you cannot enable direct deposit until you verify your account and activate your card. However, everyday transactions such as sending and receiving money would be possible, as it does not have to do anything with the routing number.


A routing number on the Cash app is a 9-digit number available on the Cash app’s interface through which it becomes easy to conduct instant money transfers from one account to another. With the help of a routing number on the Cash app, users can easily accept the direct deposit into their accounts. Cash App Routing Number is available when a user has an activated Cash card. If you require to change the number, you can create a new account on the Cash app with a new phone number and email id.  

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