How Much Is Cash App Founder Worth [Bio, Age, Death, and More]

How Much Is Cash App Founder Worth [Bio, Age, Death, and More]

Before Bob Lee’s death, his Cash App Founder Worth is around $10 million. However, he has gained respect as the founder of the Cash App over the years. Further, he has worked with various companies since the beginning of his career.

Moreover, Lee worked with multiple tech companies before creating Cash App. As a staff software engineer, he worked for Google. But, recently this year, on April 5, Lee died at 43. The news of his death was shared on Facebook by his father.

Please read the post completely for more details like what is Bob Lee’s net worth and how much his app worth.

Who is Bob Lee?

Bob Lee was born in 1980 as he was a businessman and American entrepreneur. He started his tech career as a web developer in the late 90s. Moreover, Lee’s worked for several companies including Redrock Communications, Capgemini, and AT&T.

Despite this, he worked at Google as a staff software engineer from 2004 to 2010. Additionally, in 2010 he was recruited by the eCommerce company Square.

Bob Lee Profile Summary

Bob Lee worked as a start-up investor and advisor in the tech industry. Before creating Cash App, he took the position of Square’s CTO. However, Lee contributed various features to ensure its success and accessibility once the app was launched. Besides, he was also involved with Androids in the first few years. Thus, he worked in companies like Tile, SpaceX, Netswitch, and more.

Name Bob Lee
Year of Birth 1980
Birth place California, USA
Profession Cash App Founder
Net worth $10 million
Spouse Krista
Children 2 kids
Nationality American
Death date April 4, 2023

Bob Lee Age and Biography

Bob Lee was born on 20 December 1979, in San Francisco, California, United States. He has been interested in the field of technology since childhood. Despite this, he was a multi-talented person and was renowned in the business field. Furthermore, he also worked in the technology field in his career. At the time of his death, he was 43 years old.

Education (Bob Lee)

Bob was born to an American family on December 20, 1979. When he died, he was just 43 years old; he died on April 4, 2023, in San Francisco. Before relocating to Mill Valley with his family, he discussed his childhood and education. Later, he moved to Miami in October 2022.

Moreover, he learned to code in high school and used Turbo Pascal to create the 3D delivery engine. He graduated from Saint Louis University. Further, in college, he got the nickname “Crazy Bob.” He also started working as a web developer in 1997 at Redrock Communications.

Bob Lee, Stabbed to death in San Francisco

The tech industry experienced a serious loss as Bob Lee was injured in San Francisco, California, on April 4, 2023. On 3rd April, the incident takes place in the Rincon Hill neighbourhood around 2:35 am.

Thus, he was taken to a local hospital but died from his injuries shortly. Till now, no suspects have been disclosed in the murder. This case is being handled by the San Francisco Police Department.

Lee’s friends and colleagues expressed their grief on social media after hearing the news of his death. Lee was called a “force of nature” that brought Cash App and Android to the world. As per the report, Lee aimed to create a privacy-protected wallet called Moby for the 21st century.

Thus, the police department asks the public to give information about the incident if they have any. The people who have information regarding this case can contact 1-415-575-4444 as it is 24 hour department’s helpline number.

Bob Lee’s net worth

As of 2023, Bob Lee had a $10 million net worth. But his actual salary still needs to be revealed to the media currently. He was an angel investor and high-profile tech executive in San Francisco. In 2013, Bob co-founded Cash App while working at Square. Cash app is a mobile payment app available in UK and US.

Cash App Founder net worth

Presently, the payment service was worth $40 billion from September 2020. However, it was nearly two-thirds of Square’s then $65 billion market value.

Cash App reported a gross profit of $1.8 billion and 70 million annual users in September 2021.

Facts about Bob Lee

  • Lee was both start-up advisor and an angel investor.
  • Various features are added to the Java programming language, including Lambdas by Lee.
  • The founder of the Cash App was Bob Lee.
  • He loved creating access to mobile finance for underfinanced people worldwide.
  • Lee was a well-respected person in the tech industry.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing the above information, I hope you’ve received detailed information about Cash App Founder Worth. Cash App founder was Bob Lee, who has a net worth of around $10 million. Besides, complete details about Bob Lee are also provided above. Please go through them to learn about his career and education.


How old was Bob when he died?

When Bob Lee died, he was 43 years old.

What was Bob Lee’s net worth?

The net worth of Lee’s was approx $10-15 million.

How many employees does the Cash App have?

Cash App currently has 3,000 employees.

Where was Bob Lee attacked? 

Bob Lee died in San Francisco on April 5 after a clear hurt.

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