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How Much Is a Walgreens Money Order? Want to know how much you need to give, as a fee, for purchasing money orders from Walgreens and what amount you can send through per money order? Then, this blog is for you. Here you can see all the relevant and needed information regarding the Walgreens money order fee and along with the hours, this process could take to send a money order.

If you want to send money to someone in the world but can’t consider making transactions with your credit or debit cards then, “money order” is the best way to execute this task with ease and without hassle. It is also considered a safe method to transfer funds to anyone in the world. All you need to do is – choose the amount and fill out the information about the person you want to send money to through a money order. And also, keep in head that you will have to pay some fee to buy money orders. With the assistance of a money order, you do not have to feel that you are running short of funds as it sends to you easily and without taking long.

In the United States, many retail or grocery stores are highly known for selling money orders through which you can send money to anyone. After the recipient receives the money orders, they can cash them by visiting any check-cashing store.

But Walgreens is one such retail store that does not sell any money orders but you can use another way for transferring money. At most Walgreens locations, you can find Western Union Money Transfer, through which you can make transfers easily and without any hassle.

How Much Is a Walgreens Money Order?

It is true that many retail stores sell money orders to people but Walgreens does not. But at many locations of Walgreens stores, you can use Western Union Money Transfer with which, you can send money to anyone easily. We would recommend you to keep reading the blog to understand how the money transfers at Walgreens work.

Does Walgreens Money Order?

It could be fair to think that Walgreens too sells money orders as many retail stores in the US allow individuals to buy money orders. But actually, Walgreens does not sell any money orders. Therefore, you can use Western Union Money Transfer, which is located at many Walgreens locations. If you want to send money to someone through Walgreens then, you can use the Western Union Money Transfer option to easily carry out this task. With Walgreen’s money transfer method, the recipient is sure to get funds without any hassle.

If you want to send money through Walgreens, you will have to follow its rules and regulations and also keep in your mind, the limits, under which you are allowed to transfer money. Whenever your bank is closed and you have to send money to your family or relatives urgently then, you can use this method of Walgreens to get your money transfer task done with ease.

Below you can see the information related to the amount of money, you can send from Walgreens:-

Walgreens allows you to transfer up to $6,000 and receive up to $300 per transaction. But if you want to send more money then, you can again make a money transfer as per your needs or requirements.

How much does it cost to send money through Walgreens?

How Much Is a Walgreens Money Order? If you want to send money from Walgreens then, you need to choose the “Western Union Money Transfer” option, which fees or charges may change daily. It is an unfortunate thing to say that Walgreen’s fees change every day when it comes to money transfers. You may need to reconsider your approach to sending money to someone. Depending on your location and requirements, Walgreen’s fees may change daily. Whether you are a domestic sender or not, the Walgreens fees for sending money will vary every day. You can anytime, see a hike in the prices.

To acquire more information about the charges for money transfers from Walgreens, you can talk to the staff of Walgreens. The officials will provide you with every detail you need to make money transfers.

What is the procedure to send Walgreens Money Transfers?

The procedure to send money from Walgreens will take you no longer time when you are ready with your fees and the amount, which you want to send to someone. It is better to check the fees so that you do not have any issues later. First, check the capacity of Walgreens for transferring money, and then, you can either go to the Walgreens store or use the app. If you are a member of Western Union Money Transfer, then, you can have some additional benefits or you may get rewards on money transfers.

  1. Choose you amount you want to send through Walgreens. Be ready with your funds, which you want to transfer to someone. Also, make sure that you have money to pay for the fee of money transfer done by Walgreens.
  2. For money transfer at Walgreens, you must have all the needed information such as – name, phone number, and state-Issued Id. provide valid details to let the task be processed with ease.
  3. After this, you will also have to provide the details of the recipient. Make sure, you provide details such as – Recipient’s address, Phone number, State-issued ID, and 10-digit tracking number, and you may also be asked to give an answer to the secret question, if applicable.

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What hours it could take for money transfers at Walgreens?

As we have told you in the above para that sending money from Walgreens is a simple procedure, you can send money 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. As long as your nearby Walgreens is open, you can transfer money with ease.

The Ending 

How Much Is a Walgreens Money Order? From Walgreens, you can transfer up to $6,000 and receive up to $300 per transaction. As Walgreens does not sell money orders, you can Western Union Money Transfer kiosk machine, which is available at many Walgreens locations. With the ease of a few steps, you could easily send money through Western Union Kiosk. By providing the required information about yourself and the recipient you can easily send money to someone through the Walgreens kiosk.

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